There are many pages that allow us to download free music online mp3 but it is becoming more difficult. Gone are programs like Napster, Torrent or Emule to download music. Now the offer is very extensive and for that reason it is difficult to find a good page or a good system. For this reason I bring you this incredible method that apart from being effective is fast and free.

How to Download Free Music Online

Hello my friends online! I know you have found thousands of pages where they teach you methods of downloading music online, but these methods consist of searching your song or songs of your artists and then go down one by one to create your own playlist. This new method that I’m going to show you is not only about downloading music to the different audio playback devices, but also, you’ll be able to download thousands of mp3 songs with a single click.

This is because I have created music libraries in which you will have access to packs of songs by genre, artists, year and a great variety of music compilations ordered for you. You will be able to download your playlist ready to be listened to and enjoy at any time in each of your audio playback devices.

¿What will you find in music libraries?

My friend let me tell you that you will find music! yes, lots of music! lots of free songs sorted by folders and will be at your disposal waiting to be downloaded. The content is of almost all musical genres and the vast majority of your favorite singers. All tracks were compiled by me over the course of more than 5 years of intense work on the internet. Among the mp3 files and packs of song folders that contain these original mega libraries you can find:

Music packs:

  • Varied music packs
  • Reggaeton music packs
  • salsa music packs
  • Reggae music packs
  • Electronic music packs
  • Among many more.

Compilations and tops:

  • The most sounded
  • Newest
  • Most listened to (By country)
  • Top 10 of November
  • Top 10 of December
  • 2018 Top 100
  • Among many more.

Musical Genres:

  • Salsa
  • Bachata
  • Reggae
  • Reggaeton
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Rock in Spanish
  • Electronics
  • Hip hop
  • Dance
  • Christian
  • Pot
  • Band
  • Rancheras
  • Popular
  •  Among many more.

Music libraries are updated weekly

This great compilation of free music is uploaded to the official Google cloud (google Drive). This ensures an effective, fast and virus-free download.

¿How download free music online mp3?

  1. Select one of the 3 virtual music libraries.
  2. Skip AD will take you a few seconds (Yes, ads, there is no other)
  3. Select your favorite artist, genre, pack, top or compilation to download, or if you prefer you can download all the music in one go 🙂
  4. Select the location to save your audio files.
  5. Finally, enjoy your music for free on your cell phone, pc or any player.

See how to easily skip ads

Click on any of the music libraries to start downloading the music.

If you don’t find what you were looking for in these varied music folders you can leave me a comment suggesting which genre, artist or group you would like to download. I hope it has served you, a greeting and until the next musicologist!

Other things to see:

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